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Vegas Elvis


so when are we gonna stop pretending beer tastes good

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Cutest thing ever!!!!


Awwwwww too cute



I wish there was a set of boards specifically for people struggling with infertility and then broken into their individual problems. I swear if I go to a ttc board and see WASNT TRYING; GOT PREGNANT one more time, I’ll blow a gasket.

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<3 Keep strong! <3


copperhead-road said: 1-69

1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?
- Actually the last person I got a text from is copperhead-road and she’s fine as hell so of course.

2. You talked to an ex today, correct?
- Nah

3. Have you taken someones virginity?
- Hah no

4. Is trust a big issue for you?
-Yea, and I wish it wasn’t!

5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently?
- I haven’t hung out with or seen anyone face to face in almost a month.

6. What are you excited for?
- Hopefully for my dumb bf to come home

7. What happened tonight?
- It’s noon

8. Do you think it’s disgusting when girls get really wasted?
- Ha no I am one of those girls

9. Is confidence cute?
- Absolutely

10. What is the last beverage you had?
- Waterrrrr

11. How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
- Just a few. Like my daddy and brothers

12. Do you own a pair of skinny jeans?
- Yep but I don’t fit them because I am no skinny

13. What are you gonna do Saturday night?
- Hopefully I’ll be making out with my bf

14. What are you going to spend money on next?
- My nails

15. Are you going out with the last person you kissed?
- Yes

16. Do you think you’ll change in the next 3 months?
- Hopefully I’ll be pregnant by then

17. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
- Almost everyone. I’m not shy

18. The last time you felt broken?
- Uh I dunno. Probably a couple days ago Imma drama queen

19. Have you had sex today?
-No 😭😭😭😭😭

20. Are you starting to realize anything?
- That in an idiot yes

21. Are you in a good mood?
- Sure

22. Would you ever want to swim with sharks?
- Noooo

23. Are your eyes the same color as your dad’s?
- Yes!

24. What do you want right this second?
- My boyfriend

25. What would you say if the person you love/like kissed another girl/boy?
- I wouldn’t say a damn thing jus pack my bags and go

26. Is your current hair color your natural hair color?
- no my hairs a bit lighter

27. Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh?
- no way!

28. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
- probably some dumb text post

29. Do you really, truly miss someone right now?
- yessss everyone

30. Does everyone deserve a second chance?
- depends. If you murder someone probably not

31. Honestly, do you hate the last boy you were talking to?
- nope

32. Does the person you have feelings for right now, know you do?
- well I hope so? He’s my boyfriend?

33. Are you one of those people who never drinks soda?
- hahahahahhaahhahhhahahah

34. Listening to?
- the fan

35. Do you ever write in pencil anymore?
- ew no

36. Do you know where the last person you kissed is?
- at work

37. Do you believe in love at first sight?
- no but boyfriend says he does cause he fell in love with me at first sight 💁

38. Who did you last call?
- mama

39. Who was the last person you danced with?
- when bf was home we danced in our pjs for like an hour

40. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed?
- bc he’s sexy

41. When was the last time you ate a cupcake?
- jesus… October? in Vancouver with mama after the Dixie Chicks concert

42. Did you hug/kiss one of your parents today?
- no! 😩😩😩😭

43. Ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush?
- my life is embarrassing

44. Do you tan in the nude?
- when I’m in a tanning booth yes

45. If you could, would you take back your last kiss?
- no way

46. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?
- no that’s annoying

47. Who was the last person to call you?
- boyfriend

48. Do you sing in the shower?
- no

49. Do you dance in the car?
- always

50. Ever used a bow and arrow?
- I am native

51. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
- grad probably

52. Do you think musicals are cheesy?
- no

53. Is Christmas stressful?
- no

54. Ever eat a pierogi?
- mmmm yesssss

55. Favorite type of fruit pie?
- pumpkin
.. pumpkin is a fruit right

56. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
- lawyer…. firefighter… teacher…. wife

57. Do you believe in ghosts?
- yes

58. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
- ohhh yes

59. Take a vitamin daily?
- yep! vitamin c and vitamin b and other stuff

60. Wear slippers?
- in the winter

61. Wear a bath robe?
- not usually

62. What do you wear to bed?
- nothing

63. First concert?
- miss Shania Twain!!

64. Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?
- I fell in love with target recently

65. Nike or Adidas?
- neither?

66. Cheetos Or Fritos?

67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?
- sunflower

68. Favorite Taylor Swift song?
- n/a

69. Ever take dance lessons?
-yep from 6-15

Thanks baby doll 😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😊❤️

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You think ‘Okay, I get it, I’m prepared for the worst’, but you hold out that small hope, see, and that’s what fucks you up. That’s what kills you. Stephen King, “Joyland” (via de-payse)

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